Mentos Manifest Against Boredom

Elbow Smashing the tedium I have a dream! Not alone, but with an army of fighters! And you can be one of them. Follow our #commandmentos, and join us for the battle that will blow up the monotony. We invented Lucha-Lucha, a wrestler on a journey, fighting against the boredom on Mentos Brazil Facebook page. And we won the Mentos Brazil Social Content pitch with this idea. More than 8k likes on the Facebook page after the first week.

Elbow Smashing the tedium

Mentos, Perfetti Van Melle

[ My role ]
Creative Concept
Art Direction

Creative Concept
Claudio Villa, Jay Sassini, Roberto Fabri, Bia Bonani

Art Direction
Claudio Villa, Jay Sassini

Jay Sassini, Tatiana Pereira


Creative Concept
Jay Sassini

Filmed by

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